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Thursday, November 18, 2010


                        THE LIGHTHOUSE

♫♫There's a lighthouse on the hillside that overlooks life's sea
And when I'm lost, it sends out a light that I might see.
And the light that shines in darkness will safely lead me home,
If it wasn't for the lighthouse, my ship would sail no more.

All the folks who live around me, say "Tear that Lighthouse down.
The big ships don't sail this way anymore, there's no use of it standing round."
Then my mind goes back to that stormy night, when all at once I saw the light
The light from that old Lighthouse, that stands there on the hill.

And I thank God for the Lighthouse, I owe my life to Him,
For Jesus is my lighthouse and from the rocks of sin,
He has shone a light around me that I can clearly see
If it wasn't for the lighthouse, where would this ship be.♫♫

   I really love this praise song!!  I have recorded it many years ago on cassette and I have no idea how to record it again with the computer and save to disc but hoping I will learn so that I can share.  Meanwhile, my favorite version is by Elvis Presley.  Play it in the side bar.

   Remember that Jesus IS our lighthouse.  He is the Light of the World.  He brings us all out of the darkness and guides us into light and safety by His word, His love and His Grace.  We all have gone through or are going through "that stormy night" when it seems noone is there for us and all at once, Jesus comes to us in the storm and leads us out of it!  He is so amazing!  So many times when I thought I could not stand one more moment of agony, stress or pressure, He comforts me, he reaches down to pull me up, giving me all the love and help that I need.  Because I believe...  Do you believe?  Do you ask God and Jesus the Son for their help?  That is why I love having a personal relationship with the Savior.  I can "talk" to Him directly, not through intercessions but directly to Him one on one.  God loves our dependence on Him and His Son.  Just like our earthly Dad wants to see us happy and help us in any way that he is able.  That is what it is like with our Heavenly Father, "Abba" tenfold!  So do talk to the Lord, he already knows your needs before you even speak them but he likes to be asked. 

  Luke 11:9  "And so it is with prayer-keep on asking and you will keep on getting; keep on looking and you will keep on finding;  knock and the door will be opened.  Everyone who asks, receives; all who seek, find; and the door is opened to everyone who knocks."  (THE BOOK-1976 Tyndale House Publishers, Inc)
Study the words of the song and see how you can apply them to your own life when you have been in a storm and your prayers were answered, leading you to a holy light.  Please tell me in a comment how you are moved or not moved by the song.

Come again soon!    Hugs from
♥ Kerrie♥  
 my heart to yours...

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Lynn said...

Kerrie, I loved listening to Elvis sing this song! Thank you so much for sharing! The song has so much meaning.. Thank you for this beautiful post you wrote! I love all of your blogs Kerrie... each and every one of them! You are such an inspiration!

Have a wonderful weekend!