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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Sunday Morning!

♫♫This is the day that the Lord hath Made,
Let us rejoice and be glad in it,
This is the day that the Lord hath Made
Let us rejoice and be glad in it,
This is the Day, This is the Day,
That the Lord-Hath-Made!♫♫
   Thankfully, you cannot hear me singing this-ha!  But I loved singing this in our hometown church, it still puts a big smile on my face!

Bible Study and Interesting facts:

Symbolic numbers:
  Many numbers had symbolic value in the Bible.  The number one symbolized God's Unity.  Three came to symbolize the Trinity.  Seven was a number of completion and perfection, since God rested on the seven day of creation.  Twelve symbolizes the 12 months of the year, the tribes of Israel, and the number of Apostles.  Forty days or years was a common time frame in which events unfolded.

A friend once sent me this e-mail that I will share with you as I found it most interesting.

Did you know that:
Psalm 118 is the middle chapter of the entire Bible?
Psalm 117, before Psalm 118 is the shortest chapter in the Bible.
Psalm 119, after Psalm 118 is the longest Chapter in the Bible.
The Bible has 594 chapters before Psalm 118 and 594 chapters after Psalm 118.
If you add all the chapters except Psalm 118, you get a total of 1188 chapters.
1188 or Psalm 118 verse 8 is the middle verse of the entire Bible.
Should the central verse not have an important message?
"It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man."

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did and I can see several of you checking this out immediately to see if it is true-ha!  It is, it is.  The Bible is so amazing.  It is called the "Living Bible", because we continually find out new things that are revealed to us through the Lord.  Also, because it is timeless in that it applies to our lives now as it did in times of old.  Our children have the same problems that we can apply answers to from the Bible, men have the same problems today that they did then, and on and on.  There is not one phrase in the Bible that we cannot apply to our lives in some way.  It lives forever.
   Even in history, the Greek philosophers wrote of troubled youth and times that if you did not know it was ancient history, you would think easily it was taken from a newspaper of today.
  Be diligent in seeking knowledge from the Bible.  If it is hard for you to understand in the Old English language, purchase "The Book" published by Tyndale House publishers or any other that helps you understand in simple language.  Then GO BACK to the verse in the King James version or others that you have and read the same passages.  You will be enlightened and understand so much more.
  May the Lord bless your going out and your coming in, Peace be with you all.
  Celebrate!  It's the Lord's Day!!

Above is a likeness of Jesus.  It is a watercolor on heavyweight paper.  I have tried to find information about the artist and origin but was unable to find it anywhere.  It is quite beautiful and was a gift from my sister many years ago.  It hung in her house for as long as I can remember and now hangs in my bedroom.  I love the softness about it.  If any of you have information on this painting, I would love to learn, thank you!

My heart to yours...


Ginny said...

The face in that picture is quite something! I would like to know the story behind it myself! The middle of the bible, how totally cool, what a mesaage! Hope you are having a great Sunday!

Shelia said...

Hi Kerrie, this was a very interesting post! Lovely pictures too.
Thank you so much for popping in to see me today.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)