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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Joy, Joy, Joy Joy, Down In my Heart....

I have so much Joy in my Heart since starting this blog!  I find great peace in sharing God's Word!  I was looking for Hymns on YouTube this morning and found this sweet Little Girl who is Just running over with Joy at the age of 4 years.  I could not help but be filled with Joy just watching her!  She also sings Amazing Grace and more.  What a joy that God gave her such amazing talent to share His word.  Truly a miracle!
  I have many Bibles in my home and I use them all to cross reference and make sure I am getting the right words as translated to English from the original languages in which they were written.  Cross referencing keeps opening more doors for you to study and becomes a never ending teaching tool.  We are so blessed to have so many "helps" to know God's truth and plan for our lives.
  Historically, Jesus is recorded as a religious leader who was put to death.  If you are a non-believer, you cannot deny the words recorded in history aside from the Bible.  Jesus is real, He did live and die for us.  I am always touched by the words of "When I Survey the Wondrous Cross".  This praise song can move me to tears. ...."see from His hands, his head, his feet-Sorrow and Love flow mingled down, Love so amazing so complete, Demands my soul, my life, my all."  My ALL.  This certainly is true for me.  I often play this song on my piano and put great feeling into it as my emotions are pulled from within me.
  What are some of your favorite hymns that really speak to your heart?  I will bet they are the same as mine.  Do comment and tell me.
  Praying for everyone on our prayer lists, especially for those who are suffering from cancer.  So many of our family and friends are afflicted and God will hear their cries and take mercy upon them.

                 THOUGHTS AND PLEAS
                           by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart©
When God shall lift me from my plight
 Out of the darkness into the light
I shall rejoice and praise with all my might
And sing of Thee both day and night
   Because God still answers prayers.

I have all the faith I need
 Because for me the Savior bleeds
Let me make a joyful noise unto thee,
 All I really ask is to serve thee,
In the best way you see fit.
 By my strength or by my wit
  Let me always be a witness to thee.
 A "Crown of Thorns" plant with a wasp on it.  My Mom gave me a small cutting from her plant many years ago and from it, my plant grew into a bush!  I love it for many reasons but the red blossoms represent Christ's drops of blood from His crown of thorns.  My Mom has been gone for 10 years now.  I miss her very much.  But she is blooming in Heaven now I know....

Please come back and visit again SOON!  I love having you come!  God Bless and have a wonderful, blessed weekend.  If you have special prayer concerns, please comment or e-mail to me.  Thank you!

Friday, October 29, 2010

I adore the book of Isaiah!  It has so much to absorb in it! 

And if you leave God's path and go astray, you will hear a voice behind you say, "No, this is the way;walk here." Isaiah 30:21

"I, yes, I alone am He who blots away your sins for my own sake and will not think of them again."  Isaiah 43:25

Isaiah the Prophet in the old Testiment, was one of Jesus' favorite books.  He quoted from it frequently because the central theme is salvation.
"I have blotted out your sins; they are gone like morning mist at noon!  Oh, return to me, for I have paid the price to set you free." Isaiah 44:22

"Come, let's talk this over! Says the Lord; no matter how deep the stains of your sins, I can take it out and make you as clean as fresh fallen snow.  Even if you are stained as red as crimson, I can make you white as wool."  Isaiah 1:18

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Proverbs favorites...

I love Proverbs, I always have!  Here are some of my favorites:

15:1  A soft answer turns away wrath but a harsh word stirs up anger.

  I have found that you catch more flies with honey as the saying goes.  Whenever I had to discipline in a working atmosphere or just in everyday life with my kids when they were little.  I always found something positive to say first as a reinforcement before presenting a constructive negative.  Presentation is everything when dealing with emotions.

17:28 Even a fool who keeps silence is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

   Know when to speak and when to listen.  Sometimes, we jump to conclusions before we know the reasons behind a behavior or act.  And do not speak authoritatively when you have an eyedropper of knowledge or experience addressing an Ocean of a subject!

19:20 Listen to advice and accept instruction that you may gain wisdom for the future. 
   Sometimes it is very hard to listen to another's advise even when we know the advice is right.  But keep an open heart and mind.  All these experiences are healthy for what we face in our futures.  Life brings us into contact with many personalities.  Coping is an art.  You will have less stress if you are not fighting instruction because you do not care for its source.  When you accept easily, you take the burden off of yourself.  Try to remember it is how we react to stressful situations that cause our own stress.

I often tell myself, "God is going to take care of it."  Works for me! :^)

24:33,34  A little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest and poverty will come upon you like a robber, and want like an armed man.

  If we do not work and be productive in our lives, how can we expect to reap rewards or even have enough to sustain ourselves?  Idle hands are just waiting for the devil to make them busy.  Read, do crafts, do something you like every day even if you are a Mom at home or if you are working all day.  Busy-ness makes the day go quicker until you can relax at home.  Or it makes the day go quicker until your loved ones come home from work or school.  Depression does not have time to take hold if you are busy.  Keep a journal, keep a photograph album or start scrapbooking.  This time of year is excellent for walking, reading outside or writing.  How can anyone feel unhappy when they see all the glory of Fall that God and Nature have provided.

25:15  With patience a ruler may be persuaded and a soft tongue will break a bone.
    Ponder that one, it will come to you-ha!  I love the whole book of Proverbs.  It tells us many things that we can apply to our own lives, about marriage, work, all kinds of relationships and behavior.  When you are wanting light reading that makes heavy sense, read Proverbs. 

Thank you for visiting as always and do come again soon!  I enjoy your company and if you read something you like, please comment as I treasure your comments!

My heart to yours...

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spreading the Word...

Well, no one need be in the dark in this day and age!  Just imagine what would have happened if the disciples had the resources that we have today for spreading God's Word!  Through the Internet, we have the opportunity to spread the word all over the world without ever leaving our homes.

    In the "fullness of time",  Jesus came.  This means that all the conditions were right for his coming.  The Romans had built paved highways throughout the land making it easy to travel far from home.  And Alexander the Great in his reign and conquering made Greek the common language so that every country could understand news and teachings.  This made the word of Christ and his disciples spread more easily.

   The Great Commission given to the disciples by Jesus before his ascent into heaven was to spread the word to all of the earth.  Although all these positives were good, Christians still had to hide their following of Christ because they were persecuted by the Romans and others.  So they made a code, a simple drawing of a fish, (Remember when Christ was gathering his disciples, he said, "come, I will make you fishers of men!") to identify other Christians.

  We do not have to hide our Christianity in this country.  We are blessed.  So why do we sometimes hide or deny it? Because we fear disagreement, unpopularity, or afraid we won't fit in?  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  Persons who are worthy of your love and friendship will not ask you to hide or compromise your faith.  Be true to your convictions.   You are a living testimony by your own works when you love and accept others just the way they are.  We do not win persons to Christianity by hitting them over the head with a 2 x 4'!  But rather by example.
   When we first moved to SC, I worked for a summer at a campground store.  Knowing the many dangers of smoking that we are now all aware of, I would tease a customer friend every time he came in for a pack of cigarettes and say, "I will pray for you."  As he left the store one day, he stopped at the door, turned and said to me, "I need you to pray for a lot more than my smoking!"  At the time I was singing at church and had recorded some tapes of praise songs.  I gave this man one of my tapes, "From Me To Thee".  He listened to it often his wife said.  Then one day we learned he had committed himself to a rehab facility for his alcohol dependency!  So my hubby and I went to see him at the facility.  I was sad going through the locked doors until I saw his wife and his smiling faces.  And on his bedside table sat my little home made cassette of praise songs.  He motioned to it and said, "See my Inspiration?"  I was so blessed. 

    So you see, you never know what an influence you may have on someone's heart.  Your smallest Christian act may mean the world to a bleeding hurting, heart!  Or you may never see the fruits of your labors.  But this does not mean they were not born... Just remember the Great Commision, Luke 24:46. "Thus it is written that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in His name to all the nations."  You have all the resources available to you to "wear the full Armor of Christ!  Go out and spread the word!

 My heart to yours...

©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

God is so good
He takes my fears
Sends forth His love
And dries my tears,
When earthly things
     steal my JOY!
And if I listen with my heart,
I hear His whisper and
  I start...
        to calm my troubled mind.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Though Our Sins be Scarlet....

First, a very special request for prayer for a very special lady, "Marydon".  She is going through a traumatic skin cancer removal and needs all of our prayers!  She is such a special person, always caring for others and doing good!  You can see her surprise visit to my house by going to Kerrie's Korner, SC blog September 30th post. Sending prayer requests for her and for all those afflicted with cancer and other ailments, thank you so much!

James 5:14,15  "Is anyone sick?  He should call for the elders of the church and they should pray over him and pour a little oil upon him, calling on the Lord to heal him.  and their prayer, if offered in faith, will heal him, for the Lord will make him well" (The Book)

   The Old Testament makes many references to the coming of someone special, an "annointed one".  The word Messiah in Hebrew is "The Annointed One".  Immanuel, is "God with us".
   For a mere man could not bring harmony with God back after Eden's fall from Grace, it would be one both God and man.  Jesus was born a descendant of King David, also known as the Annointed One.
  We should pray about everything for God loves our dependence on Him.  He wants to care for us!  And don't forget to thank Him for prayers answered.  I end my prayers with, "Thank you for all the blessings you have given us and all of those that are yet to come, Amen."
  My friend Bruce, who was also a classmate in my Bible studies way back when, told us that he begins his prayers with his hands face down on the table.  Then he ends his prayers with his palms face up to receive God's blessing!  I love this!
  We prevent God from showering gifts upon us when we have a barrier of sin and disobediance between us and God.  Remove the barrier and God will bless you.  Are you familiar with the song, "We shall have showers of Blessings, Showers of blessing I see, Mercy drops falling around me....."  Willie Nelson has a recording of this on his worship album.  I love that phrase, Mercy drops falling around me!
  Remember that all of us may feel unworthy but we ARE worthy of God's love and mercy!  We confess our sins, God will forgive us, He will "wash away our sins".
1 John:1:9.  No matter how soiled from sin you may be, God can make you as clean as snow!  Isaiah 1:18.  Did you know that when we confess our sins to God, that He forgives us and "never thinks of them again?  Hebrews 8:12.  How wondrous is that?  So you need not lie in your bed at night rehashing the past, pouring salt into the wounds.  Simply confess (say you are sorry for whatever is bothering your heart) and whatever separates you from God's love and mercy and think of them no more!
  Isn't that a great burden lifted from your mind and heart?  All because Jesus paid the price for you and for me by making the one great sacrifice on the cross....
  The Lord has NEVER ignored a cry for help from His children.  Many times through my life I have felt I could not bear one more bad thing! But God in his wisdom, knows my limitations as a mere mortal and just at the breaking point, He reached down to me and pulled me up by my bootstraps!  I never ceased to be amazed when he did that at just the right time!
  When we are OUT of Harmony with God, we feel like nothing is right.  IN harmony with God, we are able to handle whatever comes our way and be pleasant in the process!  Imagine His great hand on your back as you go through tough times~~yes, God is so good!

Blessings and love,

My heart to yours...

"Do your little bit of GOOD where you are; it's those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the WORLD."
          -Archbiship Desmond Tutu

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Having a blessed Fall Sunday...

I OFTEN write and doodle my best work in pencil and then later work them into something permanent.  I am so inspired by Autumn and every sunset and flower and crisp early mornings that I am just bursting with creativity.  I love the fall so much!  Please continue to the rest of this page for a message from Genesis, Thanks

   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Basking in Summer's afterglow
Autumn approaches ever so slow
Kissing the earth with golden tones
And scenting the air with evergreen cones.

Bass are still jumpin' in the little pond
Catching Dragonflies all around
The Mums are blooming red and gold
And the morning air is almost cold.

Leaves turning yellow and red
Adorning the lawn and flowerbed
The days are shortening hour by hour
The sunsets are richer but shorter by far.

Such a warm and colorful time of year
A last splash of color before Winter Drear
A welcome sight to one and all
Loving the changes that come with Fall!
Our God is so generous in his gifts!  He gave us the earth to keep and till.  We should be so grateful for the world in which we live and certainly we must take care of it or it will no longer be there.  Go green in every way that you can and preserve this place for generations to come.  I doubt that we will ever live on the moon or any other place but earth that was created by our Father in Heaven.  Just think of all the billions of dollars spent on the space programs---how much this would mean to help the poor, the diseased, the indigent in this world!

Genesis 1:15  The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and to keep it. 

  That means keeping it "watered", healthy, productive to give back to man what he has put into it.  God did not say, Go to the moon and live there where there is nothing but desolation and you must wear a suit in order to breath the very breath I give to you.  I love every plant and flower, every drop of water, every sunrise and sunset.  I appreciate every day that the Lord gives to us, every Rose even though I must accept the thorns to also have the beauty...
  The warring factions have existed since the beginning of time right in the same area where they are today: Iran, Iraq, Jerusalem.  Because God gave us the ability to "choose" we make our own trouble.  If we were all obedient to God's word and to his intention for us, we would know true peace.  The thing we have to remember is that the Devil is alive and well in our world.  And we have the human choice of rebuking him or joining him.  Whenever something bad is happening in your life, or in your mind, simply say "I rebuke you Satan! In the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord!" Kind of like the old folks when they said, "Satan, get thee behind me!"
  Start each new day with "God before me, God beside me, God behind me."  Oh for His hand upon our backs each day so that we do not wander from the path of righteousness.  In the workplace, never compromise your faith to fit in.  Without you speaking a word, your actions and faith will rub off on others by your example and if they follow their own agenda, let them go.  The Lord will guide you strongly if he wants you to continue a relationship with someone who is worthy of His love and yours.  Anyone who keeps you from your faith should not be embraced.  It is amazing to me that the Lord brings Christians together even in Cyberspace!  Remember that God can use anyone or anything for his instrument.  He will bless you so that you may be a blessing to others. The Bible tells us so!☺
  Hopefully, I will have some of my praise tapes available after this blog is underway.  I love sharing the Lord in song!  And maybe even a video if I can figure out how to do that on my laptop-ha! 
  Thank you so much for visiting and whether you agree with my teaching and comments or not, you are always welcome here.  You may question my authority in teaching the Bible, as well you should.  I believe God speaks to everyone's heart at one time or another and though I have never wanted to insinuate that I am a know it all, I do have credentials-ha!
   I am a certified Bethel Bible Teacher and lay minister since 1984 after an intensive 2 year course on the Old and New Testaments.  I was active in my church in our hometown for five years in missions and contribution to music ministry and Christian book ministry.  When I moved to SC, I became active in a TV ministry for several years where I sang and shared faith as well as work in their live phone ministry for the same Dove Ministries, administering to those who called the program with problems.  Later, I became active with my son-in-law's ministry which included ministering to Street Reach in Myrtle Beach.  My son-in-law preached (as a licensed minister in addition to his public school teaching position) and I provided spiritual music.  After the service we both counseled those who had a need and came to us.  I also shared my music ministry for the last 22 years of living in SC where I sang special music once or twice a month at church services at several churches in the area as well as Ocean Lakes Family Campground.   I love singing and making a "Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!"  I am enriched by every experience I have had working for the Lord and have reached a time in my life that I feel God is guiding me to actively share the word again.

  God Bless you all, and I hope you will come again soon.  In Christian love, Kerrie
There may be Agony in The Garden but there is peace on the Wondrous Cross.