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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Good Saturday afternoon to you!!  I am a Christian, A certified Bible Bethel Bible Teacher, and a Christian Counselor who is often asked about how God forgives sins and does one have to keep on confessing the same sin to be forgiven.  This Daily Bread article is an excellent source for understanding how God forgives our sins and that he actually thinks of them no more once confessed!  I hope this will be a blessing to you.

Our Daily Bread

I had the opportunity to counsel a teen a few weeks ago who was only in our area for the summer.  She was very troubled in many areas of her young life and it is painful to hear the sadness and see the tears of someone who should be having the best years of her life in pain.

God is so amazing in His works and I ended up being the one that was totally blessed by this encounter as well as the lovely young woman.  Number one and most important for parents, friends and counselors:  LISTEN!!  you will never realize how healing just lending your ear can be to someone who really needs some one to actually LISTEN.

I have a saying I put on my desk blotter.  I write it anew in permanent marker whenever I change the year, "Shhh, God is talking...."  God speaks to us all the time but we are so full of self and noise of the world to HEAR.  Retreat from the crowd as Jesus did so that you can hear your heavenly Father speaking to you.  It is amazing what you will hear when you shut off the TV/IPAD/Headphones/cell phones, ad infinitum!  

The other day, I woke and could not get the praise song out of my head, "Our God is an Awesome God".  So I pulled it up on YouTube and as I LISTENED TO THE WORDS, my chest filled with joy and I reached to the ceiling with my hands and thanked God.  He touched me.  So God can reach you or use any instrument to communicate with you but think how much more you could hear Him say if it were q u i e t ?

Thank you for your visits which I treasure very much and if you have a question or need a prayer, please comment or e-mail.  Praying you are having a good day and will have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.

My Christian Heart to Yours....