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Saturday, August 1, 2015


Good Saturday afternoon to you!!  I am a Christian, A certified Bible Bethel Bible Teacher, and a Christian Counselor who is often asked about how God forgives sins and does one have to keep on confessing the same sin to be forgiven.  This Daily Bread article is an excellent source for understanding how God forgives our sins and that he actually thinks of them no more once confessed!  I hope this will be a blessing to you.

Our Daily Bread

I had the opportunity to counsel a teen a few weeks ago who was only in our area for the summer.  She was very troubled in many areas of her young life and it is painful to hear the sadness and see the tears of someone who should be having the best years of her life in pain.

God is so amazing in His works and I ended up being the one that was totally blessed by this encounter as well as the lovely young woman.  Number one and most important for parents, friends and counselors:  LISTEN!!  you will never realize how healing just lending your ear can be to someone who really needs some one to actually LISTEN.

I have a saying I put on my desk blotter.  I write it anew in permanent marker whenever I change the year, "Shhh, God is talking...."  God speaks to us all the time but we are so full of self and noise of the world to HEAR.  Retreat from the crowd as Jesus did so that you can hear your heavenly Father speaking to you.  It is amazing what you will hear when you shut off the TV/IPAD/Headphones/cell phones, ad infinitum!  

The other day, I woke and could not get the praise song out of my head, "Our God is an Awesome God".  So I pulled it up on YouTube and as I LISTENED TO THE WORDS, my chest filled with joy and I reached to the ceiling with my hands and thanked God.  He touched me.  So God can reach you or use any instrument to communicate with you but think how much more you could hear Him say if it were q u i e t ?

Thank you for your visits which I treasure very much and if you have a question or need a prayer, please comment or e-mail.  Praying you are having a good day and will have a blessed Sunday tomorrow.

My Christian Heart to Yours....


Saturday, April 4, 2015

Because he lives...

When I survey the wondrous cross my heart was full of pain.  But tomorrow I shall rejoice because my Savior LIVES!!  Hymn is in right sidebar~~enjoy!

Each year at this Easter season, I cringe at the site of our Savior on the Cross and the horrible way he died just to save us from our sins!  And to give us life everlasting!  If you do not believe in the Easter Resurrection, you are poor indeed! All of the Bible would have been a lie had it not been for the cross and resurrection.  

In the old Testament, God's stiff-necked people refused to follow His word and during the festival time they would sacrifice a lamb, ram or goat in atonement for their sins.  Hence the saying "a scapegoat", some one or some thing that you blame for all your sin and troubles.  The Goat was then sent into the wilderness and his partner was sacrificed. So God the father brought forth an earthly human Son, born of Mary,  for the sole purpose of sacrificing Him once and for all, DYING for the sins of all mankind so that we might be saved and have eternal life with our Father in Heaven.

What a painful act to lose your only begotten Son so that we might live!  Could you sacrifice one of your children for the world??  Yet this is what God did for us.  Understand that Jesus was in Heaven with His father long before he came to earth and be born of an earthly Mother.  He was always there and always will be there seated beside the Father and of His kingdom, there will be no end.....

Do you not want to live in the Heavenly home that the Father has provided for us?  You can accept his Son Jesus right now by praying to Jesus, inviting Him into your heart and dwell there.  In doing this you will be BORN AGAIN, because you have changed.  The old is gone the New has come.  John 3:1-7  If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  The old is gone, the new hath come."

Amazing!  I remember when I first became born again in the early 1980's.  I actually was watching one of those TV preachers in the middle of the afternoon.  The man on the screen said, "Won't you pray with me?"  And I did, and I was and I am born again!  I jumped right up off of the couch and claimed Jesus for my own!  If you had ever told me I would be doing this, I would have said you were crazy!  Ha!  But God knew the time and the place and just at that moment, I was ready to receive Him.  Wow, still makes my adrenalin flow just remembering that!  I found a Bible teaching church that I am still a member of and continue to be blessed in numerous ways.

I have given my testimony here on the blog before but it is still good to share and I will do that again soon.  If you are new to reading my Christian blog, please leave a comment as I cherish them.  I hope you take away a blessing with you today and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

For tomorrow we celebrate a risen Christ!  Thank you Father, Thank you Jesus, that you loved us enough to save us.  Amen

My Christian Heart to yours,


Saturday, March 7, 2015


"Look above and dry thy tears"

"Trust In Him, He'll never fail"

"Sinful soul thy debt is paid"  Jesus paid the price on the cross once and for ALL, for you, for me.  So that we may have everlasting life.  We could never have justified ourselves so God did it for us by sacrificing His only Son.  

Each week when our praise team sings at church, I am filled with the spirit and thankfulness that Jesus died for us.  At this special time of year for Christians, we celebrate the Resurrection on the 3rd day after the death of Jesus on the Cross when he is Resurrected from the grave.  

Ask questions if you do not understand, sometimes the Bible as written, is difficult to understand.  But once you delve into God's words, all will be made clear.  We cannot ADD TO nor TAKE away anything that is written in the Bible.  It is God's word.

Remember when you were little and your Mom or Dad told you to do something and you asked, "why?"  Because I said so! would be the reply.  Well, we need to heed and read God's word because GOD SAID SO!  Listen to the inspiring video I posted in the sidebar and please worship at your church this Sunday.  Invite a friend, relative, anyone you wish to share the word of God with and be nourished in these trying times we live it.  It is difficult out there but God will carry us through...


                                                Kerrie ♥

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Hello dear followers, friends and family!  Goodness is it really that long since I have posted??  Well, I fell in love again, imagine at my age! LOL!  After my fall down the cellar steps last spring, my neighbor and I started dating.  I had a most wonderful summer and learned how to sail a boat, took many beautiful rides in the country around Central NY and my home town of Auburn, New York.

But best of all, I had joined the choir and new Praise Group at my church, United Church of Auburn.  Our Pastor plays banjo, I play guitar and sing and his daughter who is only 12 sings with us along with a friend Russ on guitar with his wife doing some vocals, and a church member Phil who plays electric bass guitar.  We have come a long way in just 6 mos or so and I am so blessed to be a part of this group.

God has been very very good to me.  Yesterday was the Anniversary of my husband Bill's passing and it was painful for me.  I cannot believe he has been gone 3 yrs.  Such a wonderful man. 

I never thought I could fall in love again but God had other plans. I am not so alone any longer and I know my Sweet Bill would approve of my relationship because my friend a good man, too.

Our Church has been so blessed and has grown a lot in this last year.  We have more new members, more children, wonderful teachers and Outreach people, more activities, Bible Study, Choir and our Pastor has  been featured on Christian Radio several times as "Pastor of the Day".  What a blessing as we have a new person coming to church and Bible study now because she heard Pastor Damon's message on the radio.
Never underestimate how powerful your testimony can be!  Even if you reach only that one lost person, God is pleased.  The person is enriched, encouraged and coming to the Lord because of something one says or a random act of kindness, your smile that they can see the Lord in you and thirst for Him.  Of course good works does not get us into heaven, only Jesus can lead us there by inviting Him into your heart, confess sins and start a new life in Christ.  Oh the joy that will fill your soul!  

Thank you so much for visiting today and I will be more diligent in posting in the future.  God is so good...  Have a most wonderful day.  Till you come to visit again, 
Praise Team: Phil, Russ, me, Megan and her
Dad, Pastor Damon Gagnier.