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Monday, November 1, 2010


Ahhh! The first of November, can you believe it?!  I was so touched by a blogging friend who lost a follower because she did not agree with her Sabbath keeping post.  The blogger felt bad at first but then thought that if she led one person to the Lord with her post, it did not matter that she lost one follower!  This is what I wrote back to her:
(Now note that I have nothing against Catholics mentioned in my comment, as I raised my children for many years as Catholics and it was the particular church that drove our family away and not the religion.  Felt I need to clarify that.)

"I thoroughly agree with you and if you lose many to gain a few for the Lord, He is well pleased with you, apparently a few hundred agree with you-ha!  Many years ago I left a Catholic church as the parishioners were arguing about who sat where in the newly built church.  When we worshipped in the fold up chairs, everyone was happy.  The new church brought many problems with personalities coming into play.  So I literally went looking for a Bible-teaching church.  I found one but the door was locked.  The Catholic Churches always have open doors.  But I knocked as there was a car in the lot.  A young man came to the door with a paint brush in his hand.  He literally opened the door and I found our new church home!  He was there painting and an active member of the church.  It was the most wonderful, warm and God-filled place I had ever been!  2 of my children got baptized there and 2 of them got married there.  "Knock and the door shall be opened....."  Just wanted to share with you.  That person has CLOSED THE DOOR and you tried to open it for her to no avail.  Happy Happy morning to you!"
     We may not agree with every one's view of religion, but we respect it.  We all share the same Lord.  He will lead us in the paths that he would have us follow.  Sometimes the path is littered, full of stones and ruts.  But do not be deterred as God will get you to where he wants you to go!
   For some reason, half of my post was deleted and I cannot get it back.  Going to take my hubby for chemo and will come back and see if I can retrieve it, if not, I will post a second time with the rest of this day's post.  Joy to you all!

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Ginny said...

Good morning to you, too Kerrie, or by now I should say good afternoon! It is such a pleasure to read such a cheerful Christain blog. Your positive attitude is contagious! And I agree with everything you said! What is your church, you never said in the post!