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Thursday, January 30, 2014


I have missed you all!  My computer has been down and I really missed it!  It is a great way to communicate the love of the Lord, though a worldly thing :)

Have you heard of "The Fullness of Time"?  In the Bible Christ came in the Fullness of Time.  Alexander the Great had built great roads facilitating the spread of the Gospel like no other time in history.  

He also declared Greek as the dominate language, also aiding the spread of the good news far and wide.  He was not aware that he was doing these things for Christianity but God can use anyone as his instrument and it is so true in these recorded historical events.

I love having miracles explained.  It does not lessen my faith but only reinforces it!  The incident of God speaking to Moses from the burning bush for example.  There are bushes in the east that contain so much oil in their leaves that in the heat of day, can bring about spontaneous combustion.  I love this!  It does not mean that God did not cause it, but what a way to get someone's attention.  It can happen just that way and is not just a "story". Exodus 3
I am fascinated learning all of the ways the "Fullness of Time" came into being and thus 'paved' the way for the coming of Christ.

I hope you take away a blessing today and please leave a comment or a prayer request as I treasure them.

Wishing you serenity today....


My Christian Heart to yours...

Sunday, January 5, 2014


Please see the video in sidebar :)

A friend posted this video on FaceBook and I thought it was excellent!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!  What a great Christian teaching tool!

I was in a chain reaction4 car accident yesterday afternoon and am walking gingerly today and having a bit of pain from lower back to neck.  So I did not go to church and really hate it when I cannot go!  I hope you all made it to church today and that you are having a blessed Sunday.

My Christian heart to yours,