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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Pondering the magnitude, greatness and glory of our Lord is overwhelming to say the least.  But how wonderful that he communicates with you and with me.  His presence is with us every day as promised in the Resurrection   "I will never leave you" promised the Son of God.

Do you rush through your days failing to remember that God is with you, that he can solve any problem, that he is a constant reinforcement, if you only ...Listen.  As I have mentioned before, I wrote a note a few years ago on my desk blotter that says, "Shhh, God is speaking..."  Just to remind myself that if I be still, I will hear or "feel" the Lord and His Son speaking to my heart.  When you are so full of the Lord, there is no room for sorrow or trouble.  Remember just how great He is.

Below is a picture of the cross at Belin Church in Murrells Inlet, SC that my daughter took at the Blessing of the Inlet, an annual May event.  Beyond are the ocean marshes so beautiful to see.

 My husband passed in January of this year of cancer and one of his requests was for a friend to play the bagpipes at his memorial service.  Well, the friend was out of town and could not play and I felt sad about it even though they played a CD of Pipers at the Service.
Well, when we went to the Blessing of the Inlet, there were pipers leading the minister on the walk aside the church to the back where he would give the blessing.  They stopped right in front of where I was standing and played Amazing Grace!  I felt so blessed!  My daughter  took these photos.  Thank you Barbie for this wonderful memory.


Thank you for coming this beautiful Sunday and may God reach down and touch your head with a blessing for today.  Be still so you may hear and feel...
My Christian heart to yours....


Thistle Cove Farm said...

Kerrie, Murrell's Inlet is so beautiful and this post so interesting. I've never been to the Blessing, perhaps one year...

Bishop Dennis Campbell said...

My son played "Amazing Grace" at my father's funeral. Because the great highland bagpipes are so loud, he had to play outside the front door of the church, but was good to make the whole village ring with the sound of the pipes and God's Amazing Grace.