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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Palm Sunday and Miracles....


We learned that Jesus came into the city on a donkey and the people greeted him placing palm fronds before His path so the donkey's feet did not touch the ground.  And they shouted Hallelujah! And waved palms in praise.
I love finding out more and more of the meaning of things in the Bible!  Some of you prefer not to know the mysteries but the reason I do is that it strengthens my faith, it proves that things happened the way it was written in the Bible and is not myth.  A friend sent a message to me this morning with a link attached on The Parting of the **Red Sea and it was so profound, I have to share with you.

  There is so much archaeological evidence to prove the words of the Bible that it is staggering!  
   And the Bible tells of God speaking to Moses from a Burning bush.  I read about bushes that grow in the area that have so much oil in their leaves they spontaneously combust in the hot desert sun!  I am fortified, I know this is true and can happen.  The Bible is true.
Believe the miracles, they do happen.  We cannot command them to happen, however.  Only God and His Son have that power.  And our timing as you have been told before is not God's timing.

Thank you for visiting on this blessed Palm Sunday and I hope you took away some inspiration and enlightenment with you.
My Christian heart to yours...

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