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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Palm Sunday and Easter Bonnets

PALM SUNDAY, April 1st, already!
Palm Sunday
Palm Sunday is a Christian feast that marks the beginning of Holy Week and commemorates Jesus' triumphant entry to the city of Jerusalem. In 2012, Palm Sunday will be celebrated on April 1, 2012.
To celebrate the occasion, many Christian churches -- both Catholic and Protestant as well as the Eastern churches -- distribute palm leaves to congregation members who then carry them in a procession either inside or outside of the church. Often the palm fronds are knotted or woven into small crosses that can be kept by individuals in their homes. The palm leaves are often returned to the church to be burned in the next year's Ash Wednesday rituals. In parts of the world where palm leaves are not easily available, these are substituted by leaves of native plants.
When I was a little girl, the neighbors always put their Easter palms that were handed out at church, behind a holy picture hanging in their homes either of Jesus or the Blessed Mother Mary.  I have always loved the tradition of all christian churches giving out palm leaves on this Sunday.
What did Matthew contribute to the Palm Sunday story? (Matthew 21:1-11)
  • Matthew's gospel is the only gospel that included children.
  • Matthew and John are the only two who mention the prophecy from Zechariah.
  • Matthew refers to two animals.
  • Matthew has the crowd singing "Hosanna!"
  • There is praise at the end of Matthew's story.
THE PARADE (Matthew 21:6-11)
The parade consisted of a very great multitude of several hundred pilgrims and residents. Many people were in Jerusalem for the Passover, the most memorable feast in the history of Jewish people. They sang:
"Hosanna to the Son of David; Blessed is he that comes in the name of the Lord; Hosanna in the highest."
THE PALMS (Matthew 21:6-8)
The people placed their cloaks and palms on the road for Jesus to ride on to honor Him. The branches of the palm trees symbolized Christ's victory over the devil and death.
THE PRAISE (Matthew 21:9-11)
When Jesus had come into Jerusalem, the entire city was moved. In other words, there was praise. 
Palm Sunday, the first Sunday in Holy Week commemorates Jesus' triumphant entry into Jerusalem shortly before his arrest and crucifixion. As he rode into the city on a donkey, people cheered his arrival and laid palm fronds on the ground to avoid having his donkey's feet touch the ground.

 Here is my original cartoon of my character, Pooky's Grandma wearing her finest Easter Bonnet

My Christian Heart to yours...

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