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Monday, January 16, 2012

Taking time out

I am taking time out from blogging as my hubby is gravely ill in the last days of his 7 yr. battle with Multiple Myeloma.  He is my priority and I need to concentrate on spending as much time as possible with him here at home.  He wants to die at home which is not morbid.  Remember that people who are terminally ill do have the need to discuss dying and death, last wishes, etc.  Do not be uncomfortable with this as it eases their mind to be settled regarding questions about Heaven, God and his Son.  Also, do consider using Hospice for your loved ones.  You can have a little or as much help as needed.  I will be back at a later date dear hearts.  You are all in my heart and prayers and ask that you continue to pray for us at this most difficult time of our lives.
Hugs, Kerrie
One of our last happy walks on the
Myrtle Beach Pier


Child of God said...

Hi Kerrie,
I will be praying for you and Bill dear one.

I haven't visited here often and I found your blog via a prayer request for Rylen. I do say, I didn't realize you were in need of prayer.

I will be interceding for Bill.

I love your faith and I think it is great that you will have your husband at home during this very difficult time.

Praying and praying,

Child of God said...

Would you mind if I put up a post asking for prayer? Please let me know as I am holding off until I hear from you.


Shirley said...

My prayers go to you and your sweet husband at this time, Kerrie. Take good care of yourself and I know that the love you have for each other and from family and friends will guide you through this most difficult time.

Connie Arnold said...

May God bless you both and continue to strengthen your faith and fill you with His love and peace.

Donna said...

How I understand this! I took care of my dad until the last day...really the last hours. I had only been blogging a little while..but I had to stop for a month. He needed me and what a privilege it was. Painful too though. Home is where you both belong as long as you can be. xo Donna