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Saturday, November 19, 2011

New Update for Rylan

Good Morning Sweet prayer Angels!!  Letting you know that little boy Rylan took the most cc's of his Mother's milk than he has ever taken at a 9pm feeding last night!  Hurray!

God is so good.  These parents are indeed brave trusting with all their hearts in God's Grace for their precious child.  Pray for them to have great strength to see them through in his care.  Thanks to all of you.


Precious baby, God's own child
How you have us all beguiled!
Loving every tiny part
We ask the Lord to bless your heart.

And to the parents tried and true
We pray for strength to see them through.
For every tiny improvement achieved
We will rejoice as we believed
     In prayer and in God's love.

                ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart 

When we were first married all those years ago, we lost the first two children after full term pregnancies in a row.  I remember clearly knowing God would do a much better job of raising them, a girl Beth, a boy William, than I could ever do.  And both times it appeared to be a doctor's fault.  But I forgave them in Christ and never lost faith.  We went on to have 2 healthy girls and a boy.  We have truly been blessed.   You can survive great tragedies in life WITH GOD'S HELP.  Our timing is not His timing and what he has in store for us is not written down on our calendar.  No, we must put our whole trust in Him from beginning to end.

And when my husband was diagnosed with cancer almost 7 yrs. ago, like all mortals, we questioned God-"Why?"  He is such a good man, has helped people all his life monetarily, compassionately, and encouraging support.  He did not drink or smoke.  He is a wonderful father and our love for one another has been a beacon to all, what more could we ask?  Multiple Myeloma is a terminal cancer of the spine where blood is made and is cruelly painful.  It destroys the bones.  The original prognosis was 5-10 yrs. and we have been blessed with almost 7 now!  While his kidney function is diminishing and his pain is great, there is never one day that he does not find something to make me laugh and smile.  He is amazing.  How does he do this?  With God, like the Apostle Paul though suffering, we can accomplish anything!

If you or a loved one is suffering from a serious illness, please let us know as we believe wholeheartedly in corporate prayer.  God loves it when we turn to Him, He wants our dependence and faithfulness as we are all saved by His Grace alone.

There is a wonderful FREEsite that you can create your own page to keep loved ones apprised of progress or the lack of.  We have used it all through my hubby's illness and this is the address:

Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound.....

My Christian Heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I know first hand how dreadful Multiple Myloma is. Many people get it confused with the skin cancer melanoma, because the name sounds the same. But this is much worse. There are several good web sites out there for relatives and friends to keep track and leave comments. Caring Bridge is a good one, we had Care Pages.

Child of God said...

Wonderful news about Rylan!! Will be continuing to press in with prayer for him and his mom and dad.

Prayer is amazing and corporate prayer is God honouring.