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Friday, June 3, 2011

Approaching the Bible...

   When I was a "baby" Christian, I found the Bible very intimidating, not its message but the language.  It is quite formal in some versions and can easily discourage the reader who is overwhelmed with the the thee, thy, thou, etc.  But today we are so blessed to have versions of the Bible that without changing any of the original message, make it quite clear what the Lord would have us do.  Barnes and Noble, Books-a-Million as well as the numerable Christian gift and book shops have a variety of Bibles and by looking at them in their introductions you can tell if it is easy to understand and comprehend.  There are large print Bibles that even if your eyesight is not impaired, make it more enjoyable to read passages.  But make sure you open them if in a box as some marked large print are not really that large-ha!
  I also like a soft cover Bible.  It is less cumbersome and rigid.  I like the feel of it in my hand and on my lap.  And if you read in bed like I do, it is so flexible and light in weight, that I can read at some length in comfort.

  There are Bibles in which every word of the Savior is written in Red. This is helpful when you are looking up a certain reference that you need.  If you are a Baby Christian, start with the book of Matthew.  It is a full account of our Lord's life and comprehensive.  Don't burden yourself with starting at the beginning of Genesis as you will quickly be discouraged if you are not already familiar and comfortable with your Bible.  You can always go back.  It is like tracing your own family roots, you go to the beginning to see what your ancestors were like and where they came from.  The Old Testament is like that.  It tells us where our Christianity stems from. 

   Read in small doses so as not to get overwhelmed.  And do not be discouraged when you hear others quoting passages verbatim complete with chapter and verse.  This will come to you as you move up in your comprehension.  The Lord will open your heart and mind to comprehending in your desire to seek His word.

  I still don't understand each and every word completely but that is why it is called the Living Bible, it is pertinent to today just as it was at the time of its beginning and the old saying that there is nothing new under the sun is quite true.  The Bible has illustrations of bad children and teens as well as sinful adults who have committed all the sins that are happening today.  You will find answers to any problem in its midst.  Just open your mind and pray as you open your Bible for understanding and guidance.  You will be surprised at how much you do grasp.

  I have recommended before and still do buying or borrowing "THE BOOK" published by Tyndale publishers.  It is a soft cover comprehensive Bible in simple language and I use it as a cross reference.  It is not meant to replace the Bible, only to help us understand it better.  Mine is dog-eared and taped-ha!  God Bless and happy Bible reading!!

My Christian heart to yours...


from my front porch... said...

What a wonderful post, kerrie! So true and so very helpful!
Wonderful day to you!!
xo, misha

Ginny said...

I have many different translations, and sometimes I love to use one for my blog, then at times a different one. My latest and new favorite is a parallel bible of The Message and the NKJV, side by side. I think The Message is very similar to The Book? The Life Application bible is amazing, it shows how to apply the bible in life and some of the commentary is better than a regular large commentary book.

Beansieleigh said...

A wonderful post Kerrie, and great words of advice.. I have to admit, mine has been collecting a little dust as of lately! Thanks so much for the reminder! ((hugs)) and enjoy your weekend! I'm just so glad the temps have cooled back down again! ~tina

Eagle Altitude said...

Hi Kerrie, Wow, I really love your tips on how to read the Bible. Very encouraging and I would have loved someone to have helped me out with this advise as a 'baby Christian. Bountiful Blessings! Kerrie

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Good encouragement. I've watched Daddy read his Bible, daily, for more than 40 years, closer to 50 years. He and Mom are my inspiration for Bible reading and Christian living.