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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Time VS The Fullness of Time

I love this verse at the left.

This morning I am thinking about how we can spread the Word in OUR time!  We have all this technology at our hand and some of us do nothing.
  We do not have to walk many miles for days on cobblestone roads depending on the kindness of strangers to feed us or have to spend the night in a field beside the road.  Just think for the moment, of the determination and dedication the disciples and the early Christians had to spread the word to all nations, all people.  Are we lazy Christians today?  We have trains, planes, highways and of course the Internet that can take us to any country in the world to share God's word.  Isn't this amazing?
   But you can start small, you don't need any of these things.  Spread the word to your neighbors and don't hit them over the head with a 2 X 4, you can be more effective in your speech and in your setting a good example as a Christian, a follower of Christ, in your actions.  Some people immediately back off when you start talking about the Lord as they feel confronted for whatever reason or some feel it is too late to invite Christ into their hearts and be born again (have a change of heart).  A soft approach is received much more willingly than a fire and brimstone sermon.

  If you have a computer (you do if you are reading this-ha!) you can put in the search line, "How do I share the word with others" and many choices will come up for you to read.
  I always pray, "Lord be a lamp unto my feet and guide my steps" and "Lord, let the joy of my Salvation be in my heart and on my lips".  When you are full of the Lord, you will emanate the light of the Savior from your being and others will sense it, see it and feel it.

Psalms: 119:105  "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path".
Proverbs: 6:23 For these commands are a lamp, this teaching is a light and the corrections of discipline are the way of life".

Ask yourself how you can spread the word today.  Maybe it is as simple as sending someone a "thinking of you" card or "Just a Note..." with a Bible verse on it.  There are so many wonderful cards out there with these meaningful Bible verses tucked in a corner with a cheerful picture separate from the body of the message on the card.  I know when I receive a card like that I am thrilled and think how good God is as he knows I needed this bit of cheer in my day!

Asking for prayers as my hubby is not doing well, his labs have been such that he could not receive chemo on his Friday visit to the cancer center.  We return today to have the labs checked again.  Thanks for all for you who have been so supportive and faithful in praying for him and for me.
Thank you for coming and do come again soon! Hugs and Love in Christ,


Ginny said...

This is such a good post! Yes, we have to be so careful with spreading the word, I sometimes think we don't realize how we can sound. We had some Wednesday night classes with books on how to do this without turning people off. It starts with a few questions, I think questions are always better then strong statements. Like "What do you think happens after we die?" I still have the book and need to brush up on the things I forgot. Please keep me informed about your husband, I will be preying!

Marydon said...

Oh,my heart aches for you both. Kerrie, I continue to pray that God holds you both in His healing palms.

Tear filled eyes, my precious friend ~

Love you both ~