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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Religion dying out?

 I woke very early this morning and while watching CNN news channel, they announced that according to polls, religion is dying out and they polled among others, Ireland, Netherlands and Australia.  I am wondering who they asked in these countries, the devil? The news media must be desperate to even spend time on such a poll.  Did they poll and ask how many people have great faith and believe in God?  Probably not, they would never do that.  Sometimes it is frustrating for all of us as they take religion out of our schools, our government (even though our country was founded by people who wanted religious freedom to worship!).  Who are these people who want everything to be politically correct and do all these things supposedly, as not to offend?

The chief priests were offended because Jesus was called "King" when they brought him to Pontius Pilate.  (Mark 15:10)  "For he knew that the chief priests had handed Him over because of envy."  They were offended because they saw the power Jesus had over the crowds of his followers that were ever growing.  Was the Governor, Pontius Pilate able to squelch the believers by "washing his hands" (Matt 27:24) of Jesus Crucifixion?  No!  Jesus rose from the dead undefeated to lead all of us to the Father, to lead us to an abundant life and after life to spend eternity with Jesus and His Father in heaven.
  As Christians we are given the great commission (Matt 28:16-20) of spreading God's word.  Now more than ever, we need to speak up, to bring the word to unbelievers.  Set a good example of your life in Christ.  I once wrote on an earlier post that people who have Jesus in their life have a light in their eyes, there is something there that is so apparent that it shines through. Other people want and crave to have that completeness that only comes from the joy of salvation and in knowing the Father and Son.  You never know what an influence you have on others just by the way you look, speak, or act. Be certain that what others see in you is your love of Christ.
  If you were "polled" today and asked if religion is dying here in America, what would you answer?

Thank you for visiting today and I hope you take away with you a blessing.

My Christian heart to yours...

Recommended reading for today:  In touch Ministries, message by Charles Stanley http://www.crosswalk.com/devotionals/in-touch/ pertinent to today's discussion.


Ginny said...

I LOVE Charles Stanley and have it set to tape all his sermons on my T.V. I have also read one of his books, very good. Well, the religion that is the fastest growing in the world is Muslim. By leaps and bounds. I'll leave it at that.

Leann said...

Oh my word - why would they do such a poll and then report it as news?!! My heart aches for these people.

God Bless you Kerrie!


Marydon said...

Do you truly think CNN would ever do a fair & balance reporting on any issue, sweetie. Not!

I love that Fox News has no trouble speaking of God, referring to subjects of God & even share of God ... in all facets of their reporting.

Hope this finds you & Bill doing well ... Hugs of love ~

Donna said...

Amen Kerrie! Preach it to me! LoL! I know..it's not that funny..it's just plain sad. But being an anti-Christian culture..is where God's love and light shine brightest. It's been wonderful to have years of living in a fairly Christian society..but it's our calling to be salt and light. Our kids are shining the light in every corner of the 'secular' world and it makes us so happy. Funny..most of the bloggers whose profile I read says they are Christian. It gave me hope that things are going much better than the media is willing to admit--statistically speaking.

BTW, did you see the saying on the back of my teenage son's t-shirt in my nature photos? It says, "Before you were formed in the womb..I knew you." :O)

Thistle Cove Farm said...

I can only hope religion is dieing out in favor of Relationship! There are many who are going to hell because they put their "all" in religion and know not the Savior.