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Monday, March 21, 2011

The Praying Woman....

Are you a praying woman?  I can also ask, Are you a praying man?  But today I am asking the women as last year I was given this Prayer Journal.  Knowing that I love books, the Lord and writing, it was a perfect gift.  I have many journals, even written in shorthand notebooks with illustrations doodled here and there and they number much more than a few.
   When I was growing up, I wrote poetry, I wrote when I was mad and when I was sad and also when I was filled with joy.  The paper and pen has always been a comfort to me and now the Lord has made it a blessing.  I found my "Power of a Praying Woman" journal today and wanted to share it with you.  Sometimes, when I have not read one of my poems for a long time, I cannot believe I wrote the words myself.  Surely God was guiding my hand.

If you have read entries in my sidebar,  or any other of my blogs, you know that my husband is in the 6th year of fighting the devastating Multiple Myeloma cancer in his spine.  It changed our lives a lot and sometimes I really miss that other us before the illness came.  I pray more than once a day that God will lay his healing hand upon my sweet husband and make him whole again...

Talking with God and writing down my thoughts and prayers are theraputic for me and so I will share with you my poem of 11/22/10:

      I Walk Alone
©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Sometimes, I walk alone~
even though I know you  are there.
It is hard for me to open my heart
To let you in when I despair
And I know you are beside me
No matter how hard the walk.
And all I really need to do,
Is talk to you, just talk.

To lift my voice in prayer
To a heavenly Father who cares.
Even before I speak, you know
My every need when I am low.

You pick me up when e'er I fall
You dust me off and I am tall,
To meet each new day I see,
Thank you Lord for being there for me.

And God is always there for us!  Sometimes don't you just need to talk with someone intimately, who understands you completely without judgement like a lifelong friend?  Well the Lord and his Son Jesus are your life-long and beyond friends!  You can open your heart to them, tell them anything you want to.  You can confess your sins and they shall be made white as snow and God will never think of them again!  Your heart will be a clean slate, wiped clean.

2 Corinthians 5:17 If any man is in Christ, he is a new being.  The old is gone, the new hath come.

That is comforting, is it not?  I send hugs to you through time and space and invite you to become friends with your Creator and His Son Jesus who died on the cross so that we might have life everlasting.  Thank Him now that he loves you and me so much that he made this sacrifice like no other.

Are you willing to get on your knees?  I get on my knees in humbleness by my bedside at times and my heart is filled with joy.  God Bless and do come again soon, thank you for letting me share some of my personal talk and walk with Jesus today.
My Christian heart to yours...


Ginny said...

Again, Kerrie, we have so much in common! I wrote many poems as a young mother!! I am very comfortable with writing and it really relaxes me. Your poem is WONDERFUL!!! And for others reading this, you make prayer sound like such a simple and natural thing. We really do not need big words or proper language, just the language of the heart. I would love to read more of your poems! You should start posting them on a regular basis, and maybe even start writing them again! Can I record them for our church if I give your name as the author? Our members would love them. I do poetry once in a while besides devotionals, this day in history, bible quizzes, even jokes and current events.

covnitkepr1 said...

Kerrie...I know it's all about Bill on "Caring Bridge." and that's as it should be.


I want you to know that in my prayers for him, I make the time, and take the time to pray for you as well. I hope that He answers my prayers and gives you a wonderful peace about Bill's situation. That He sheds His love overwhelmingly on you to where it makes you weep as He touches you. I also pray that He gives you rest as you care for the one you love.

I just thought you might want to know what a special and wonderful child of God I think you are.

Donna said...

I love your poem Kerrie. So good and very true. My heart goes out to you! What a journey. You are such an inspiration.


Kerrie said...

Dear Kerrie, I'm so pleased to meet you! Your poem is very encouraging. Thank you for sharing these words of love from your heart to Jesus. I love this "You pick me up when e'er I fall, You dust me off and I am tall." I closed my eyes and pondered on these truthful words. Glory to God. From one Kerrie to another, sending my love and blessings. xOx Kerrie