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Monday, January 10, 2011


FAITH IS EVIDENCE OF THINGS UNSEEN....A friend on face book posted the above video for me to see and I loved it so much and wanted to share.  Thomas was the apostle who did not believe that Jesus had risen until he put his hand on the wound in his side.  Having faith without having to touch the proof is God's precious gift to us.  We need only have faith to conquer all of our fears, all of our misgivings!  Seeing the video is a perfect example of seeing is believing yet we see no person performing this wonderful music, yet someone behind the scenes created this beautiful piece.
   We cannot see God or Jesus face to face yet we know they are there, that God was the creator and Jesus WAS THE LIVING SON.  We cannot explain all the mechanisms and things that happen in this world, yet we know they exist.  That is how it is with God, he is real, he is there with his Son sitting on his right side.  All we have to do is invite him into our hearts to "see" him in our mind, heart and soul.
  Have you invited the Father and Son into your heart?  You will know a new joy you have never experienced before, a new peace, a new outlook on life.  Today's world is very stressful.  We cannot do it alone but with Jesus and the Father's help, we can make it through.  And in the joyful times, remember to give thanks for what you receive.
  Thanks for visiting today and I hope you enjoyed the video with unseen hands as much as I did.
   Asking special prayers for "Ginny" who is meeting with the surgeon this week and is on our prayer list.  Thanks! Hugs from me to thee...

Snowing on Palm trees this morning...

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Ginny said...

Well, you had me going there for quite a while! I thought this was all real and I was trying to figure out how it was being played! Thought it might be a person with white gloves! But then I saw animusic and figured it must be animation, but so real looking!! The video is fascinating and enchanting! I wish there was a real water harp!