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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spreading the Word...

Well, no one need be in the dark in this day and age!  Just imagine what would have happened if the disciples had the resources that we have today for spreading God's Word!  Through the Internet, we have the opportunity to spread the word all over the world without ever leaving our homes.

    In the "fullness of time",  Jesus came.  This means that all the conditions were right for his coming.  The Romans had built paved highways throughout the land making it easy to travel far from home.  And Alexander the Great in his reign and conquering made Greek the common language so that every country could understand news and teachings.  This made the word of Christ and his disciples spread more easily.

   The Great Commission given to the disciples by Jesus before his ascent into heaven was to spread the word to all of the earth.  Although all these positives were good, Christians still had to hide their following of Christ because they were persecuted by the Romans and others.  So they made a code, a simple drawing of a fish, (Remember when Christ was gathering his disciples, he said, "come, I will make you fishers of men!") to identify other Christians.

  We do not have to hide our Christianity in this country.  We are blessed.  So why do we sometimes hide or deny it? Because we fear disagreement, unpopularity, or afraid we won't fit in?  DO NOT BE AFRAID.  Persons who are worthy of your love and friendship will not ask you to hide or compromise your faith.  Be true to your convictions.   You are a living testimony by your own works when you love and accept others just the way they are.  We do not win persons to Christianity by hitting them over the head with a 2 x 4'!  But rather by example.
   When we first moved to SC, I worked for a summer at a campground store.  Knowing the many dangers of smoking that we are now all aware of, I would tease a customer friend every time he came in for a pack of cigarettes and say, "I will pray for you."  As he left the store one day, he stopped at the door, turned and said to me, "I need you to pray for a lot more than my smoking!"  At the time I was singing at church and had recorded some tapes of praise songs.  I gave this man one of my tapes, "From Me To Thee".  He listened to it often his wife said.  Then one day we learned he had committed himself to a rehab facility for his alcohol dependency!  So my hubby and I went to see him at the facility.  I was sad going through the locked doors until I saw his wife and his smiling faces.  And on his bedside table sat my little home made cassette of praise songs.  He motioned to it and said, "See my Inspiration?"  I was so blessed. 

    So you see, you never know what an influence you may have on someone's heart.  Your smallest Christian act may mean the world to a bleeding hurting, heart!  Or you may never see the fruits of your labors.  But this does not mean they were not born... Just remember the Great Commision, Luke 24:46. "Thus it is written that the Christ should suffer and on the third day rise from the dead and that repentance and forgiveness of sins should be preached in His name to all the nations."  You have all the resources available to you to "wear the full Armor of Christ!  Go out and spread the word!

 My heart to yours...

©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

God is so good
He takes my fears
Sends forth His love
And dries my tears,
When earthly things
     steal my JOY!
And if I listen with my heart,
I hear His whisper and
  I start...
        to calm my troubled mind.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kerrie, A beautiful, inspiring post this afternoon. Sending a hug to you from Georgia. May God bless.

Ginny said...

What an inspiring story. I think many times we affect people and don't even know it, you were blessed to know it. I love your poem, it is wonderful!