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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Having a blessed Fall Sunday...

I OFTEN write and doodle my best work in pencil and then later work them into something permanent.  I am so inspired by Autumn and every sunset and flower and crisp early mornings that I am just bursting with creativity.  I love the fall so much!  Please continue to the rest of this page for a message from Genesis, Thanks

   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Basking in Summer's afterglow
Autumn approaches ever so slow
Kissing the earth with golden tones
And scenting the air with evergreen cones.

Bass are still jumpin' in the little pond
Catching Dragonflies all around
The Mums are blooming red and gold
And the morning air is almost cold.

Leaves turning yellow and red
Adorning the lawn and flowerbed
The days are shortening hour by hour
The sunsets are richer but shorter by far.

Such a warm and colorful time of year
A last splash of color before Winter Drear
A welcome sight to one and all
Loving the changes that come with Fall!
Our God is so generous in his gifts!  He gave us the earth to keep and till.  We should be so grateful for the world in which we live and certainly we must take care of it or it will no longer be there.  Go green in every way that you can and preserve this place for generations to come.  I doubt that we will ever live on the moon or any other place but earth that was created by our Father in Heaven.  Just think of all the billions of dollars spent on the space programs---how much this would mean to help the poor, the diseased, the indigent in this world!

Genesis 1:15  The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to till and to keep it. 

  That means keeping it "watered", healthy, productive to give back to man what he has put into it.  God did not say, Go to the moon and live there where there is nothing but desolation and you must wear a suit in order to breath the very breath I give to you.  I love every plant and flower, every drop of water, every sunrise and sunset.  I appreciate every day that the Lord gives to us, every Rose even though I must accept the thorns to also have the beauty...
  The warring factions have existed since the beginning of time right in the same area where they are today: Iran, Iraq, Jerusalem.  Because God gave us the ability to "choose" we make our own trouble.  If we were all obedient to God's word and to his intention for us, we would know true peace.  The thing we have to remember is that the Devil is alive and well in our world.  And we have the human choice of rebuking him or joining him.  Whenever something bad is happening in your life, or in your mind, simply say "I rebuke you Satan! In the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord!" Kind of like the old folks when they said, "Satan, get thee behind me!"
  Start each new day with "God before me, God beside me, God behind me."  Oh for His hand upon our backs each day so that we do not wander from the path of righteousness.  In the workplace, never compromise your faith to fit in.  Without you speaking a word, your actions and faith will rub off on others by your example and if they follow their own agenda, let them go.  The Lord will guide you strongly if he wants you to continue a relationship with someone who is worthy of His love and yours.  Anyone who keeps you from your faith should not be embraced.  It is amazing to me that the Lord brings Christians together even in Cyberspace!  Remember that God can use anyone or anything for his instrument.  He will bless you so that you may be a blessing to others. The Bible tells us so!☺
  Hopefully, I will have some of my praise tapes available after this blog is underway.  I love sharing the Lord in song!  And maybe even a video if I can figure out how to do that on my laptop-ha! 
  Thank you so much for visiting and whether you agree with my teaching and comments or not, you are always welcome here.  You may question my authority in teaching the Bible, as well you should.  I believe God speaks to everyone's heart at one time or another and though I have never wanted to insinuate that I am a know it all, I do have credentials-ha!
   I am a certified Bethel Bible Teacher and lay minister since 1984 after an intensive 2 year course on the Old and New Testaments.  I was active in my church in our hometown for five years in missions and contribution to music ministry and Christian book ministry.  When I moved to SC, I became active in a TV ministry for several years where I sang and shared faith as well as work in their live phone ministry for the same Dove Ministries, administering to those who called the program with problems.  Later, I became active with my son-in-law's ministry which included ministering to Street Reach in Myrtle Beach.  My son-in-law preached (as a licensed minister in addition to his public school teaching position) and I provided spiritual music.  After the service we both counseled those who had a need and came to us.  I also shared my music ministry for the last 22 years of living in SC where I sang special music once or twice a month at church services at several churches in the area as well as Ocean Lakes Family Campground.   I love singing and making a "Joyful Noise Unto the Lord!"  I am enriched by every experience I have had working for the Lord and have reached a time in my life that I feel God is guiding me to actively share the word again.

  God Bless you all, and I hope you will come again soon.  In Christian love, Kerrie
There may be Agony in The Garden but there is peace on the Wondrous Cross.


Marydon said...

My dearest friend ~ What a wonderful heartfelt write, Kerrie ... you haven't shared this 'other life' of yours, how wonderful. Now I know why you just radiate love & joy.

Congrats! on your new blog ... it is going to be just beautiful.

Take a peek at mine today ~

Hugs of love to you both,

Beverly said...

Kerrie, I'm speechless. You are amazing, and how wonderful to share yourself with so many.

Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this heartfelt post and I look forward to following you.

Linda said...

Beautiful Kerrie! I did the same thing and started a blog to share my faith. I share my victories and my struggles. Sometimes worship music-and sometime scripture! Stop for a visit!

Lynn said...

Kerrie, I am so looking forward to learning even more about our Lord Jesus, and I'm so glad to have you share your knowledge of him with me...

I look forward to following your blog..


Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Oh Dear Kerrie Sweetie...
You just shine like a beacon and draw so many people to you where ever you go. (me included). I so love to come and visit.

I love this post and your poetry always touches my heart. I still believe you should be published. I can't wait to see what your next share is.

Please give Bill a hug for me. Don't forget to scratch Isabella behind the ears, I can hear her purring already.

Many hugs and so much love, Sherry