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Friday, June 24, 2016

Sum-sum-summertime ♫♫

So long awaited Summer is here in central NYS!  Love all the sounds and sights of Summer!  Late getting a garden in but it is all planted and the plants from the green house are anywhere I had a space in the garden beds.  
 On the left is a pumpkin plant that grew from a miniature pumpkin that went to seed last fall.  Some mint and not sure if the one in middle is a squash plant or not-ha!
 This is my hydroponic pot which works exceptionally well.  There is squash, Peppers and Tomatoes in this.
And this is the raised bed that my friend and Neighbor and significant other built between our yards so we could both share :)  There are red onion sets and shallot sets as well as several different seeds.

My new front porch is finished and I love being able to get out of the car and right up the steps with groceries, etc.  Before there were only steps and to even open the door, I had to reach up from 2 steps down to open it.  And it is just big enough for 2 chairs to sit and survey my kingdom-ha!

 I have to wait for the wood to season before staining the floor and steps and paint the railing and posts.  I just love it!

And of course I am enjoying all of the flowers that come up each year.
 Lemon Lillies

 My bicycle planter with geranium and Marigold plants I started from seed, wild violets and last years Hosta that came up again :)
 I just love the lemon Lillies but they do not last very long.  So what have you been up to in your yard, Do you plant a veggie garden or flowers or just enjoy a beautiful lawn?  Leave a comment and make my day.  Thank you so much for coming and do visit Beverly's Pink Saturday Posts at How Sweet the Sound.  Thanks!

♥ Kerrie♥
My wild heart to yours....


Ann said...

Sharing a garden would be nice, half the labor but plenty of fruit to share. Your porch looks so pretty, it's my favorite spot to sit and sip coffee.

Kaye Swain said...

Hello and Happy Pink Saturday. Your flowers are lovely and your patio a delight. Thank you for a fun visit!

Kaye Swain

Nonnie said...

I love to plant flowers and enjoy them. My husband likes to grow food. He did thr square foot garden for a few years and then switched over to hydroponics and aquaponics. He enjoyed it the first year, but after the new wore off, he stopped. Truth is, he just doesn't have the energy for any of it. I would love to visit the Finger Lakes. My brother said it is beautiful there.