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Sunday, May 20, 2012

People do need the Lord

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Can you imagine your life without Jesus and our Lord?  And for those of you that are yet to come to the Father, what a blessing you have in store for you!

Have you always wanted to have that look and feel of joy that you see on Christian faces despite their circumstances and the things that life throws at them in this earthly world?  You can have this, it is yours.  It came with a price but Jesus paid it FOR YOU by his death on the cross, the one true lamb that was sacrificed for our sins.  

You need only to confess your sins and invite the Lord and Jesus into your heart.  "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature.  The old has gone, the new hath come." 2 Corinthians 5:17  When I became a new baby Christian being born again in Christ (a change of heart as though you were born again) I jumped for Joy and woke every morning not being able to wait to see what the Lord was going to do each day.  And I prayed daily, "Lord let the joy of my salvation be on my lips and show on my face that others might see."

Sometimes we lose our joy as I did when my hubby passed from a terrible cancer after 7 yrs. of fighting it.  Never before had I needed God and his Son so much!  Now 3 months later I am learning to live again---as one.  And if it were not for my Christian faith, I would not have been able to go on, I NEEDED THE LORD.

Please play the beautiful video on the right of this post, People need the Lord.  It says it all so beautifully.  And right now wherever you are, invite Jesus into your heart and you will be filled with peace, love, kindness and joy.  And jump for joy if you want, it's okay!  Then share your joy with others so that they might know the same joy.  You are Bless-ed to be a Blessing!
            Have a most wonderful Sunday.
It's all about Love, isn't it?

My Christian heart to yours...

1 comment:

Child of God said...

Hi Kerrie,
I am so glad to hear you are starting to live again. Praise God!

We all need the Lord. It totally aches me knowing there are those who refuse His love.