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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Listening to God...

Are you listening for God's words?

How do you talk to God?  How do you LISTEN for what he offers you for a life's plan?

   If you are doing all the talking, how can you hear God?  If you are talking to a friend and you do all the talking, you don't find out much about your friend, or Their life, their loves and concerns.

It is that way with Jesus and our Lord.  It is hard to hear God's answers when you are praying if you never thank God and his Son for listening to YOU, nurturing you, blessing you in so many ways that you do not even notice because you are so full of yourself.  Be still, God is listening and knows your needs and your thoughts as soon as they occur to you.  God is all-knowing and omnipotent.  He is ever present, everlasting, and all powerful.  If you approach the Father and the Son with a humble, thankful heart, He will answer you. Sometimes, it is only a whisper, from God's lips to your ears.  So be still.....  I wrote a doodle on my desk blotter that says, "shhhh!  God is speaking."  It calms me when I look at it.

Places to hear God:  Nature, sunshine, animals- wild and domestic, fishing, meditating, walking and of course church, if you are not distracted by what the people next to you are wearing or their singing voice or how you look, etc.  If we let go of "me", we find THEE.

Bible references:  

James 1:19 ..."we should be quick to listen and slow to speak." 
Matthew 11:15 ..."he who has ears to hear, let him hear."
"He who answers before listening--that is his folly and his shame." (Proverbs 18:13).  

Listening is hard work as is giving someone or the Lord your full attention and patience.  And when you ask for things and do not get them, you have to accept and acknowledge that God does say "NO" at times.  He sees the best plan for your whole life.  You are living in your past, your present and your future.  You should be living in the present, looking for blessings that are sent your way if you open your heart and ears to see and Hear them.

Suggestions:  Find a quiet place where you can let go of all that is in your head (working, family chores, bad memories, regrets, holding grudges, etc.) of the world.  Perhaps reading a passage from your favorite Bible verses, proverbs or psalms will trigger your peace.  Tell God you are ready to listen and just relax, see what thoughts come to you.  Hold your hands palms up expecting a blessing....

Before I wrote today's post, I was checking e-mails and face book but the theme of listening to God came over me and wallah!  A post was born!  It is amazing how the Lord works and much fun to see what he has in store for my days!  So now I am going out to cut my lawn, excuse me I mean weeds!  And my heart is full of joy from the Lord so my burden will be light....

Thank you for coming today, you are blessed and I am blessed.

My Christian heart to yours...


Child of God said...

Hi Kerrie,
How often do we whiz by in our day and not listen to the voice of God? He is always speaking to us, we only need to stop and listen.

What a great reminder in this post.


Thistle Cove Farm said...

James tell us to ask for wisdom and God will give us wisdom...so I do, every day.