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Saturday, March 7, 2015


"Look above and dry thy tears"

"Trust In Him, He'll never fail"

"Sinful soul thy debt is paid"  Jesus paid the price on the cross once and for ALL, for you, for me.  So that we may have everlasting life.  We could never have justified ourselves so God did it for us by sacrificing His only Son.  

Each week when our praise team sings at church, I am filled with the spirit and thankfulness that Jesus died for us.  At this special time of year for Christians, we celebrate the Resurrection on the 3rd day after the death of Jesus on the Cross when he is Resurrected from the grave.  

Ask questions if you do not understand, sometimes the Bible as written, is difficult to understand.  But once you delve into God's words, all will be made clear.  We cannot ADD TO nor TAKE away anything that is written in the Bible.  It is God's word.

Remember when you were little and your Mom or Dad told you to do something and you asked, "why?"  Because I said so! would be the reply.  Well, we need to heed and read God's word because GOD SAID SO!  Listen to the inspiring video I posted in the sidebar and please worship at your church this Sunday.  Invite a friend, relative, anyone you wish to share the word of God with and be nourished in these trying times we live it.  It is difficult out there but God will carry us through...


                                                Kerrie ♥

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Linda said...

Beautiful and inspiring post. Thank you so much for sharing.