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Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Can any one of us know all the wonders of God's love?  Nothing in the universe was made or happened by accident, they were all created by Our Father in heaven...

My heart sings when I see right in my own backyard the beautiful creations that God has made...

Every creature, every tree, every flower was created by the Great One.
The very colors of the birds of the air are so pleasing to the eye...

And not least of which is man, a true miracle of the Lord.  This is my Great Granddaughter almost 3 months old.  Is she not a miracle? Perfect in every way....
The hummingbird in my yard, a miracle of wings and feathers and beauty in one tiny little body- a true wonder!  God is so good.  If he cares for all of these creatures as well as us, is it any wonder that we worship Him and His Son who gave His life so that we might live, so that we can live eternally with him in heaven.  You need only to open your eyes and look around to see all the wonders of God and grow closer to Him.

Thank you for coming today, please come again soon.

My Christian heart to yours....

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child of God said...

Hi Kerrie,
Beautiful pictures! I love nature and all of God's creation. Seeing the wildlife come close always quickens my heart in a good way.

Your great-granddaughter is beautiful!! What a blessing and a joy she must be.

Praying you are well and your heart is mending.