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Monday, December 17, 2012

A Monday of silence...

In view of the tragedy in Connecticut, I am speechless, as are many of you.  My tears flowed freely the whole day of the death of those innocent children and adults who were their caretakers...  It is surely one of those times when even we Christians question "Why?"

But as Christians, we have faith that God is in control.  When will our country turn to faith again in God?  For the first time, our president wept and allowed God to be mentioned not worrying that he would "offend" anyone, he just responded as a believer.  We do not allow God, he allows His people.  I thought about the Bible and how the innocent babes of Israel were slain in hopes of killing the ONE, who was the Son of God.  A horrible killing of babies and toddlers.
  Bad things have happened since God created man.  We all have a choice of which path we will follow.  The young man who took all these lives and then his own is to be pitied and prayed for, too.  Remember that what God has in store for your enemies is much worse than you could ever wish them.  And that is why God tells us to pray for our enemies.  A hard task indeed, but we can do it.
  And let's pray that with this tragedy, men will turn to the Lord once again and not to politics.  What can we each do to prevent this from ever happening again?  God will give you an answer, listen....
  Thank you for coming and please pray for the parents of the children, and the children of the adults that were lost trying to protect the precious little children.

After the Storm....
       by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Wiping the tears from a cheek
   We embark upon another week
Knowing not what the days will bring, 
   And still...within my heart I sing
   The Carols of my childhood.

A blessed Babe born to us so long ago
  Who lived and died because He loved us so,
And we sing Christmas Carols in His memory
  So we will never forget when Love first started
For you and for me....
        in a lowly manger.

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