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Saturday, April 30, 2011

When asking for God's help.....

My Best Friend is a Carpenter...
©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

 Music and Lyrics Written in Autumn 1997

My best friend is a Carpenter,
Your best friend is a Carpenter
Our best Friend is a Carpenter
Let that hammer ring!

The Best things in life are made with Love
Good hard work and the Lord above,
So come on and let's build His world
And let that hammer ring!

'Cause My best friend is a Carpenter,
Your best friend is a Carpenter
Our best Friend is a Carpenter
Let that hammer ring!

For the Good Lord ~ He gave us all the tools
And the Good Lord ~ He gave us all the rules
And the Good Lord ~ He didn't make no fools!
So let that hammer ring!

'Cause my best friend is a Carpenter
Your best friend is a Carpenter
Our best friend is a Carpenter
Let that hammer ring!
Let  that  ham - mer ri -i- ing  !!♫♫

   I wrote this particular song for the praise of God but also for my husband as he is my best friend and a carpenter, too!  The music is in an A minor key and since I do not write music but rather sing and play my guitar by ear, I have never written down the notes.  I could do a single note staff painfully if I tried-ha!  But God has already given me the ability to create and play several instruments by ear, I do not question why I do not have the sight reading ability  or writing notes-ha!  It can be sung Acupello with snapping of the fingers to a one, two beat.  I have performed it publicly that way. 

   I love the Lord so much and am inspired to write poetry in His praise very frequently.  When I had just written this praise song, we were staying at a bed and breakfast in the country between McClellansville and Charleston, SC with our eldest daughter and her husband.  There were 2 other couples there, also.  I was sitting on the steps looking out over the beautiful marshes playing my guitar and singing with my hubby beside me.  One of the ladies was a lawyer from NYC.  She and the others fell right into the rhythm and sang along with me.  It was great fun and a blessing.
   The next summer, my daughter saw her in Myrtle Beach while shopping.  She asked how I was and said for my daughter to tell her Mom that she was still singing, My Best Friend is a Carpenter!  I loved sharing God's word!  Perhaps I will figure out how to record for the blog so you can hear the song.

   When we are asking God for help or blessings, how do we pray?  What do we ask for?  How do we petition the Lord for blessings?  I would never even think of asking the Lord to help me write music.  I am already inspired by Him, what more could I ask?  I have an old friend who begins to pray with his palms down on a table.  After he prays, he then turns his palms upward to receive God's blessing.  I love this concept!  I have knelt by my bed as a child would do and pray to God quietly...  I have prayed while driving in my car.  Pray wherever you are able.  For the Bible tells us that God can hear us when we pray even if it is in our closet!  My Grandma Rachael also quoted this.  The important thing is God DOES HEAR YOU!  And you must accept that sometimes, just sometimes, the answer is "NO".  God knows what is best for his children and what you may ask of Him, may not be what HE wants for you, it may not be in His plan for your Christian life.  The Lord's answering with a "NO" is not a dead end however, it is a beginning orchestrated by Him.  TRUST!

   Most of the time, God guides believers to an answer through His Word. (Ps. 119:105). Our reading can take us to the very passage that deals with our situation or reveals a principle that applies. Sometimes God speaks a clear message to one person’s heart that nobody else would understand from that particular passage. The secret is to believe that the Lord is going to guide you, and never lose that faith (Mk. 11:24).
If our Lord will help even the smallest of creatures, he  will care for you, also.  Believe that he will take care of you with all of your heart and your very faith will be a testimony to all.  If you have sinned, confess.  If you have not yet invited Jesus and God into your heart, do so!  Do you know that when you confess your sins that God never thinks of them again?  It is written in the Bible.  I will ask you to go back through my earlier posts to see the Bible reference because you might find another of my posts beneficial and also a blessing.

Thank you so much for coming to visit today!  I hope you will come again soon and that you take away a blessing when you leave today.  Feel refreshed in the Lord, do something nice for someone else, even if they are a stranger.  Your reward will be great!

My Christian heart to yours...


Ginny said...

I wish I could hear this song, I adore music in a minor key. I know it is beautiful. I love your little mouse picture. Funny, I have just been watching a series of sermons on blessings. I used to think it was not right to pray for anything for myself, but that has really changed in the last few years. Many men in the bible pray for themselves and for blessings, and Jacob wouldn't ket go of God till he blessed him. We can also bless with words...

Painting Tips and Tricks said...

It's beautiful! i like your blog!...Daniel

Connie Arnold said...

Looks like a great song, Kerrie! I'd love to hear it.