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Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Birth of our Lord Jesus

Quoted from the NIV Matthew Henry Commentary 1992, Zondervan Publishers

Luke: Chapter 2

   "The fullness of time had come when God would send forth his Son, and it was foretold that he would be born in Bethlehem.  Now here we have an account of the time, place and manner of it.

I. He was born at the time when the fourth monarchy was in its height.  He was born in the days of Caesar Augustus, when the Roman empire extended further than ever before or since, including Parthia one way, and Britain another way; so that it was tehn Terrarum orbis imperium-The empire of the whole earth.

2.  He was born when Judea had become a province of the empire, and taxed by it; as appears this, that when all the Roman empire was taxed, the Jews were taxed among the rest.  Jerusalem was taken by Pompey, the Roman General.  This was the first taxing that was made in Judea, the first badge of their servitude.

3:2 The place where our Lord Jesus was born is very well worth observing.   He was born in Bethlehem; so it was foretold (Mic. 5.2), the scribes so understood it (Matt. 2.5,6), so did the common people, John 7:42. The name of the place was significant.  Bethlehem means, the house of bread; a proper place for him to be born in who is the Bread of life, the Bread that came down from heaven."
  Every detail of Christ's birth was divinely planned, divinely executed.  "The truths of Christ are worth keeping; and the way to keep them safe is by pondering them.  Meditation is the best help to memory."
  The birth of Jesus could be nothing less than a miracle.  Thanking you Lord for such a wonderful gift that lasts for eternity!

  This is my favorite artwork of Mary with infant Jesus.  I see so much in her face and their clothing suggests the little they had.  She is trusting God to take care of her precious son.  The Babe is the Word made flesh and so is humanly sleeping....  Mary is trusting yet there is sadness in her eyes. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS!  Take time to pray and meditate on the babe that changed the world!  He still lives with us today, we need only reach out to find him.

My heart to yours...
Come again soon and

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